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Jets Unveil Tim Tebow Wildcat Offense

The New York Jets today gave the world its first look at their offense with Tim Tebow at quarterback, a goal-line offense with roots in the wildcat look. Results were mixed. Tebow played well, but the pass protection struggled.

Tebow took the field with the second-team offense. Together, they ran a series of four plays in a simulated goal-line situation. Tebow ran for two touchdowns and threw for another on a play-action pass, according to ESPN New York. One of the plays featured Tebow taking a direct snap and running the ball right up the middle for a score.

"I think because I've done it my whole life, it's just something that comes extremely naturally to me and something that I feel like I don't really practice much anymore. For the most part it's under center, it's play-action drops, it's really nothing in the (shotgun)," Tebow said. "I'm sure when we get to the game, (we will be doing) more of what I'm comfortable with and (what is) natural, so (you have to) practice the other things (that) you're weaker at, so when you have to do (those things), (then it becomes) easy and natural (also)."

Since acquiring Tebow in the offseason, the Jets have pointed to his versatility and the match with new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano who pioneered the special look at the pro level. Thursday's practice marked the first time since camp opened that the Jets had their Tebow-specific offense on the field.

Pass protection was a problem for Tebow and starting quarterback Mark Sanchez. They were sacked a total of five times in seven plays during one stretch of practice. New York acquired Jeff Otah from the Panthers to solidify their offensive tackle position, but sent him back after he failed a physical.

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