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Cablevision Reaches Deal To Carry NFL Network

Cablevision will finally carry the NFL Network and its accompanying NFL RedZone highlights channel, as the company reached a deal with the NFL.


The NFL Network is now available for the many New York-area residents who have Cablevision. The region's largest cable provider has reached a deal to bring the NFL's station to the homes of those who subscribe to their service.

Here are some of the details on how to get the network as well as the popular NFL RedZone channel.

NFL Network will make its debut in Cablevision homes beginning tomorrow. NFL Network will be available on channel 150 in both standard-definition and HD for customers who subscribe to iO Preferred, iO Silver, iO Gold or the iO Sports & Entertainment Pak. NFL RedZone, which airs on Sundays throughout the regular season, will be offered in both standard-definition and HD on channel 151 as part of the iO Sports & Entertainment Pak, which is now included in the new iO Gold package, which was launched last spring.

The finances of the deal were not disclosed.

This benefits New York City's football fans a great deal. In addition to around-the-clock NFL programming, Cablevision subscribers will now be able to watch Thursday night NFL games, broadcast exclusively on the network. Previously, those games were not available unless they featured a local team, in which case they were distributed on an additional non-cable channel as part of the NFL's broadcast deal. Fantasy football players will also be thrilled about the addition of the RedZone channel, which jumps around the league teams inside the 20-yard line.

Although these channels will only be available to customers who pay for premium services, it's a step up from when Cablevision did not provide access to the channels at all.