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Antonio Cromartie Comments Makes Chaz Schilens Feel Insignificant, Catches Rex Ryan's Attention

It came as no surprise Tuesday when New York Jets corner Antonio Cromartie, one of the many out spoke players on the team, decided to proclaim himself the second-best wide receiver on the team despite never running a route or catching a pass over the last four to five seasons.

What is a surprise is that his teammates, specifically wide receiver Chaz Schilens, actually took Cromartie's comments to heart and said Wednesday after practice they felt a bit slighted.

"I think most of the guys did," he said.

"I’ll let him think whatever he wants," Schilens added. "I think he thinks receiver is a little different from what it actually is. He’s unbelievably talented and he plays cornerback."

The comment's also did not go unnoticed by head coach Rex Ryan, who assured the media he's taken care of it.

"I’m going to say this right now," Ryan said after practice on Wednesday. "Listen to me when I tell you this: I’m aware of what was said. I’m on top of it. I’m telling you that right now and it will not be a problem. That’s all I’m going to say about the whole thing."

"You guys know what was said… the back and forth," Ryan added. "We’re not playing it out to the media. We will handle this. I will handle this. I’m aware of it and I’ll handle it."

Cromartie didn't speak to the media Wednesday, and Schilens said the team would address the issue on the football field.

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