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Jets Training Camp 2012: Mark Sanchez Discusses Eli Manning's Success

Fair or not, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez will face comparisons to the Eli Manning as long as both quarterbacks occupy the same ravenous media market. Sanchez is entering his fourth season in the league, and has just as much experience as Manning did entering his first Super Bowl year with the New York Giants. When asked how he compares to Manning at a similar stage in his career, Sanchez said the two were alike.

"That fourth year, I think he threw one pick in the playoffs when they won that Super Bowl, one (interception). I think he might have thrown 20 in the regular season," Sanchez said. "I've been there. Plenty of quarterbacks have been there, so you see the margin for error in this league is so small. Once the quarterback, the offense and the coordinator really realize that, take advantage of it and show it on the field, they can win a lot of games and be very successful."

Sanchez praised Manning's ability to elevate his game in the postseason, as well. The pressure on Sanchez will ramp up this season with Jets fans impatient for a championship. He stressed the importance of remaining patient as he continues to improve, however.

"This whole thing is a learning process, and it really is a marathon, not a sprint," Sanchez said. "So keep your head down, keep working, smile, and have a good time with it."

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