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New York Jets Training Camp: Tim Tebow Booed By Crowd

On a rainy Saturday in Cortland, Tim Tebow wasn't only been cascaded upon by the rain.

According to, Tebow was hounded by hecklers as he played poorly in Day 2 of the New York Jets training camp. Tebow couldn't get much on his throws and often missed his targets, prompting some Bronx cheers.

"I thought it was some of the defensive guys," said Rex Ryan, talking about words from the crowd. "Just kidding."

Tebow struggled to complete passes in the elements, only going 3-for-8 while taking a "sack" on a play (in non-contact drills, a defensive player just wraps up the quarterback).

On the other hand, Mark Sanchez looked good by all accounts, throwing the ball with accuracy and velocity throughout the day.

"I've been around quarterbacks who, for whatever reason, struggle when the weather gets bad," Ryan said. "But you see Sanchez, just zipping the ball. You see the confidence he has. It doesn't matter -- wet football, wind -- the way he can spin it, it doesn't matter."

So far, it hasn't been a pleasant experience for Tebow. The most popular backup quarterback in the NFL hasn't had a dream start and now needs to show some resiliency.

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