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Tebowmania: Friday Tim Tebow Quotebook

Tim Tebow was, as always, a center of attention during and after the New York Jets first training camp practice Friday at SUNY Cortland. Here is some of what Tebow spoke about following practice.

On if he felt pressure on his first day at a new training camp...

I think always the first day you're very excited, I felt like because I was with a new team I was a little extra excited and I'm just looking forward to getting out here and playing and really starting camp. So I guess I can say I was pretty excited. I don't know if I was nervous, I think I was more anxious to be out there and really start the season.

On how much working on special teams takes away from him learning the new offense...

I don't feel that it really takes away, I feel like sometimes instead of getting a little bit more individual you work on that but for the most part you can make up for that after practice and other times. So it doesn't really take away. I feel if anything, you can learn a little bit more about the game which helps.

On the scrutiny he and Mark Sanchez get...

I think that's something we just have to handle pretty well just talking about it. There's nothing we can really do, its just who we are and where we're placed at and there's not a lot that we can control about it. So, I think our relationship really helps with that and just knowing that we don't control anything that happens outside this building.