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Jets Training Camp 2012: Revis Ready For 2012

New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis reported to training camp on time after there were rumors Revis would holdout due to a contract dispute. Nevertheless, Revis arrived in Cortland, NY, as expected and spoke with the media shortly after arriving.

The media first asked when Revis decided to come to camp instead of holding out,

Probably a couple of days ago. I had a team sit with my representatives, and we talked. We had numerous meetings through OTA's but we talked and hashed it out and the best thing is for me to be here.

Revis was then asked how the team responded to his arrival to camp, and the All-Pro cornerback spoke about his brief meeting with head coach Rex Ryan,

I talked to Rex (Ryan). I caught him in the hallway and he just said he is glad for me to be here. We talked for a little bit. I just told him I am excited for the season and I'm ready to go and play football.

When asked about the possibility of proceeding with contract talks during the year, Revis said he doesn't expect it to happen as it would possibly cause a distraction with the team,

I don't think any player would deny it if the GM came to talk to you about a contract but I don't think Mike would do that during the season because it is a distraction. I think you probably want to handle that matter in the offseason.

Finally, the media asked Revis what the biggest factor was for reporting to camp this year.

Just because I want to be around the team and I haven't been to a lot of training camps in the past.(laughter). I just want to be here and get ready for this year. My focus right now is to try to dominate again and do what I do best to help this team win.

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