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Jets Training Camp 2012: Rex Ryan Happy To Get Going

Head coach Rex Ryan is happy to be back at practice as the New York Jets prepare for the 2012 season in Cortland, NY. In his opening press conference at Jets training camp, Ryan went through a wide range of topics from the utilization of Tim Tebow to Darrelle Revis arriving at camp on time.

Ryan was first asked how he felt about being back in Cortland after speding last year at the team complex in Florham Park, N.J.. Here is what he said:

"It does. It's funny, when you turn into Cortland it felt great and then you get into town and you see all of the Cortland people out there, it's great. We did miss it last year. The thing about this is you are far enough away and, nothing against families or anything else, but you have each other and (you) have got football and I think that's a good thing."

When asked how he will utilize Tebow this year, Ryan didn't stray too far from his stance when they acquired the quarterback from Denver:

"Well, I know Westy (Special Teams Coordinator Mike Westhoff) has him as a personal protector, that and quarterback so at least two ways. We will see. Obviously, Tony has him doing some wildcat things, obviously learning our base offense as well."

When asked if he was happy to see Darrelle Revis, Ryan expected the All-Pro corner to arrive on time to camp:

I mentioned the entire time that I expected Darrelle to be here. Obviously, he is great. There is no question how I feel about Darrelle, but I am here to coach this team.

Finally, Ryan was asked if there was going to be a quarterback competiton, and Ryan reitiereated his stance since acquiring Tebow, saying:

"I think you always sit back and say that we clearly have a starting quarterback. Mark Sanchez is clearly our starting quarterback."

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