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Jets' August 21 Practice At Hofstra Moved

The New York Jets have cancelled the Aug. 21st practice the team had scheduled at Hofstra University. The 'Family Night' event had to removed from the Jets' preseason itinerary due primarily to the school's hosting of a presidential debate. The Jets will instead practice at MetLife Stadium that day.

The Jets released a statement announcing the switch:

"We have had a great relationship with Hofstra University for many years and we understand the circumstances. Based on the timing, the team has decided to move the August 21 practice to MetLife Stadium. Although we're sorry that the location of this year's practice needed to be change, we are committed to remaining connected to our Long Island fans."

The Jets will have played two preseason games by that point and will have broken training camp at SUNY Cortland. Following the MetLife practice the team will condicut the rest of its preseason workouts at its training facility in Florham Park.