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New York Jets' Santonio Holmes Lectures New York Media

New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes is known more for the words that come out of his mouth than the amount of Mark Sanchez passes he catches. And a day after sounding off on the Jets possible two-quarterback system, the wide out took shots at the New York media for doing their jobs on an podcast (quotes transcribed by New York Post's Brian Costello).

"If you guys want to be, and this is for the New York media, if you guys want to be a part of our team and want to feel so important, be there to support us, not to try to break us down. Because [there] not one day that we all step in that locker room and we try to break each other down, that we talk bad about the way that person played because it affects the team the way one person plays if they don’t play to perfection."

Holmes continued his lecture by mainly blaming the New York media for all the negativity surrounding the Jets.

"...if the New York media wants to be a part of our team and wants to continue writing about us, write positive things, stay away from the negative because it doesn’t do anything good for our team that you want to report all the negative things that happen and that’s all you want to talk to us players about. We live for one thing and that’s to play football and not to entertain you people in the media."

Now, its uncertain when Holmes' comments with were recorded. But this could be a direct response to Holmes getting blasted by media members Monday for speaking out about his feeling on the Sanchez-Tim Tebow rotation --which, for the record, weren't too positive.

If it's not, it still is another example of Holmes caring too much about what people think, instead of just playing football.

Listen to the full interview with Holmes here. The Jets begin Training Camp on July 26 in Cortland.

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