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Darrelle Revis Contract Update: ESPN's Mortensen Expects Holdout

Will cornerback Darrelle Revis be there when the New York Jets open training camp at SUNY Cortland on July 28? ESPN's Chris Mortensen thinks the answer to that is "no."

"I think (the Jets) are going to see what Revis does," Mortensen said. "He's kept everyone guessing. I'm almost going to be surprised if he's there day one."

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Revis still has two years remaining on a four-year, $46-million contract he signed after a lengthy 2010 holdout. After holding out that season Revis spent much of the season battling a hamstring injury. Revis' deal was front-loaded and he has already received $32.5 million.

Now it seems like he doesn't want to accept the lesser terms of the last two years of the deal he held out for in the first place. predicts a "huge public backlash" if Revis does hold out, and that is probably on target.

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