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This Week In Tebowmania! Tim Tebow Made News? Really?

Tim Tebow. Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE
Tim Tebow. Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

As we often do on Friday, let's check in with Tim Tebow and see what sort of news the New York Jets backup quarterback has been making recently. You know our man Tebow is always in the headlines for something.

Tim Tebow's 'Best Moment' victory at ESPYs upsets other competitors - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Tim Tebow took home the ESPY for "Best Moment" on Wednesday night, getting recognition from the fans for his 80-yard touchdown pass in overtime of the AFC wild-card playoffs to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That rubbed some fans the wrong way — including the nominees that Tebow beat out for the win.

The Tampa Bay Rays, nominated for their dramatic walkoff win over the Yankees in Game 162 of last year's regular season, had some choice words for Tebow and ESPN on Twitter. celebrities tebowing WHO'S TEBOWING? Even celebrities have ripped off Tim Tebow's signature move. "To be fair about ESPYs," @RaysBaseball tweeted, "Tim Tebow hardly ever gets mentioned on ESPN so it was nice to see him finally get recognized. #Game162wasbetter."

Tebowing in a cocktail dress and high heels isn’t easy, but Lindsey Vonn will give it a shot | Off the Bench
Has Tebowing jumped the shark? Yeah, ages ago. But since Lindsey Vonn was the first hot athlete to do it, I suppose she gets a pass for a reprieve. She and Tebow were reunited on stage at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday, and as Vonn walked out on stage, she did this.

Tim Tebow’s Classy Moment at the ESPY’s | [JetsTwit] - A New York Jets Blog #Jets #NFL
On a big stage in the sports world, he continues to make the team that flung him aside look very petty.

Demaryius Thomas: I wish Tim Tebow stayed in Denver | ProFootballTalk
Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas hasn't been shy about sharing his positive feelings about the departure of Tim Tebow this offseason. He made it obvious by saying he wasn't sad to see Tebow leave and he's been more subtle with comments about Peyton Manning's ability that draw implicit compa...

Valentine's View: Yep, it's still not football season and hardly anyone is talking about Tebow.