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New York Jets 2012 Mini-Camp: Tim Tebow Disappear? Never!

Tim Tebow disappear? That is what former New England Patriots linebacker and current ESPN analyst Tedi Bruschi thinks the New York Jets wildly popular backup quarterback should do.

Tebow's response?

I don't know that I can help him with that. It would be pretty hard," Tebow said.

Umm, yes. Yes, it would. Witness Wednesday's mini-camp practice that was open to the public at the Jets Florham Park Park practice facility.

Tebow took two -- yes, two!! -- snaps with the first-team offense. Gasp! Add some fuel to the controversy between Tebow and starter Mark Sanchez.

"Coach Ryan does that every now and then, just kind of throws you in there. I don't know that it's necessarily planned, I think it's just a feel thing, however (practice is) going," Tebow said. "So, the last two plays, (they) threw me in there and I tried to make the most of them."

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Then there was the big news that Tebow is bigger than he has ever been. He weighs 249 pounds, up from the 240 or so he played at last season with the Denver Broncos.

"I just feel like I'm just training hard and just trying to be in shape and be strong enough to handle anything, but also fast enough to be able to run around a little bit as well," Tebow said.

Tebow's throwing mechanics, of course, are always a nice topic of conversation.

"I feel like I am getting better every single day. I feel like I've made a lot of strides, a lot of improvements through this OTA, mini-camp time and hopefully I'll continue that through training camp," Tebow said.

Ahh, Tebowmania! Always something to talk about. Gotta love it!

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