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Rex Ryan On WFAN: 'I Don't Think I Ever Lost The Team'

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was on the defensive earlier this week in an interview with Boomer & Carton on WFAN prior to the opening of the team's three-day mini-camp.

First, Ryan seemed to take offense to being told his assertion that defensive coordinators would not be able to sleep at night trying to game plan for the Jets offense with Tim Tebow was "comical."

"I disagree, and I've been calling defenses a long time. The reason I say that is it makes you defend 11-on-11. Usually, you turn, you give the ball to a back, it's 11-on-10, basically. The quarterback's not blocking anybody," Ryan said.

The Jets coach also disagreed with the notion that he lost the team last season when the Jets went 8-8 and missed the playoffs.

"I don't think I ever lost the team. I never had a great pulse of it, knowing what was going on in the meeting rooms, different things like that that contributed to some of those issues. But I never lost the team," Ryan said. "There isn't one player on this team that's not my guy. ... So much has been placed on last year and things. Let me tell you, I definitely learned from it. But, for me, I'm going to be myself, I'm going to be in all those meetings, be around the guys as much as I possibly can."

Still, to say he "never had a great pulse of it" is a pretty large indictment. As always, you can never say Rex And the Jets are boring.