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Tony Sparano 'Impressed' By Mark Sanchez And Tim Tebow In Practice

One of the biggest questions for the New York Jets this offseason will be how players respond to offensive coordinator Tony Sparano's new system, in particular quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Though it is only May, Sparano seemed pleased when asked how his quarterbacks have looked during practice.

"They've all done a really nice job understanding the offense (and), again, starting to push the tempo a little bit here," Sparano said. "I've been impressed with how they've handled it. They've worked very hard at it. (I) couldn't ask for anything more out of that group. Matt Cavanaugh has done a great job with them."

Sparano praised Sanchez' efforts in particular when pushed.

"I would say he's probably worked and put in the most amount of work," Sparano said. "But that being said, what sometimes they should do and what they really do do, okay, are two totally different things. It's a credit to Mark that he has been able to put that kind of time in. It's really important to him. He's done a tremendous job."

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