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New York Jets OTA: Mark Sanchez Agent Takes Shot At Tim Tebow

Of course, Mark Sanchez' agent Brian Murphy said he was not trying to "disrespect" Tim Tebow. Of course, that he is exactly what he did when he lauded the abilities of the New York Jets starting quarterback Thursday on Twitter.

For his part, Sanchez was asked Thursday if he thinks about the increased scrutiny caused by Tebow's presence. He said no.

"No offense to Tim, I'm not really thinking about Tim. I'm thinking about the play we have, the protection we have, what potential blitz we're going to get and making sure everybody's lined up in the right spot," Sanchez said. "So, my mind is racing a million miles an hour."

Convenient, though, that Murphy chose to make his remarks on a day when the big story around Tebow was that he threw a pair of interceptions during 7-on-7 drills.