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NFL's Cockiest Players: Darrelle Revis Ranked No. 4

Pro Football Weekly compiled a video list of the NFL's top five cockiest players, and Darrelle Revis was ranked No. 4.

But the PFW analysts all seem to agree -- Revis can back up his talk.

Click the jump for the video and a number of quotes from it about Revis' propensity to chatter.

"The fact that he can shut down almost any receiver in the NFL -- that would make me cocky if I was that player."

"I think he seems to have become enamored with the whole Revis Island concept."

"When you have your own island, I can see why that (cocky) perception comes in."

"He's kind of like Deion Sanders, where he's cocky but he has the skills to back it up."

"What strikes me about Darrelle Revis is he always seems to talk smack about other guys, and then throws in the fact that he still respects them after calling them names."

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