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Tebowing Possible In Madden 13

Stop the presses: Tebowing is officially in for Madden 13. The famed one-knee, fist-to-forehead maneuver popularized by Tim Tebow will be an option in this year's iteration of the popular NFL video game. There's no word yet on how one will be able to pull off the move, or whether anyone other than Tebow can even do it.

To be sure, Tebow probably didn't have in mind taunting 13-year-olds online when he began celebrating big plays on the football field by kneeling down in prayer. Will the move be abused ad nauseum by prepubescent trolls? You bet it will. It'll also pretty entertaining for at least a few minutes, which begs the question: What else would you like to see in this year's Madden? SB Nation already has a few ideas.

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