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This Week In Tebowmania: Tim Tebow, As Always, Is In The Headlines

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow addresses the media at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE
New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow addresses the media at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Welcome to 'This Week In Tebowmania,' what we hope will be a semi-regular feature here at SB Nation New York where we review the life and times -- meaning the headlines -- surrounding Tim Tebow for the previous week. We suspect that coming up with things to write about the New York Jets backup quarterback on a weekly basis won't be all that difficult. Especially if the coming weeks are anything like this past one.

So, let's get started with a look at the past in headlines involving the Jets beloved 'backup' quarterback. 'Backup' in quotes, of course, because we don't really believe that. We figure you are smart enough that you don't really believe it, either.

As we begin, I have to say this. Tebow is reportedly still a virgin. Only, however, because all of the verbal love-making his Jets teammates and the Jets organization are throwing his way can't be considered a physical thing.

We have to begin with Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis fawning over Tebow, calling him a 'born leader' and even admiring the way Tebow eats lunch.

Is Revis going to carry Tebow's tray? Snitch cookies off his plate in hopes that some of the Tebow goodness rubs off? Oh, and does anyone even eat lunch with 'starting' quarterback Mark Sanchez, or is shunted off to the 'nerds' table with the practice squad guys?

Watching the Denver Broncos play last season while Tebow was quarterbacking there, you would have sworn that Tebow's awful throwing motion had something to do with his 46.5 percent completion percentage. Jets quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh swore this week, though, that Tebow acually "has good mechanics."

So, if he has good mechanics then who's fault is it that so many of his passes have not been in the same zip code as his receivers?

WFAN columnist Ernie Palladino captured the essence of the feeling coming from the Jets regarding Tebow this way:

You kind of get the idea that the locker room is collectively saying, "Yeah, sure, Mark's our starter. But this Tebow guy, he's something else!" ... people are fast taking a liking to the evangelist in shoulder pads. And it's not because of his beliefs, but how he is acting in the training complex. ... it appears numerous players and coaches are lining up behind Tebow, hoping that things work out far better than the original plan. Can't blame them. He's a kid you can root for.

Tebowmania is in full swing in Florham Park, obviously. And Jets general manager Mike Tannebaum said on Pro Football Talk Live this week that it isn't really unexpected.

"We had a good idea of what we were getting ourselves into," Tannenbaum said. "Tim's a pretty unique person with a very unique following.

"When you make a move like this, you know there's going to be a lot of people that are going to follow him, but we don't look at that as a negative."

Just about the only person around the Jets doesn't seem to have caught the Tebowmania love-bug is the only Jets quarterback with a Super Bowl ring. That would be Joe Namath, who said this week "there's no doubt at all" that Sanchez is a better quarterback than Tebow.

Of course, Broadway Joe talks a lot -- and even he knows that the Jets really don't care what Namath's opinions are.

Tebow was even making headlines this week away from the Jets locker room. There was Jets linebacker Bart reportedly asking Tebow to baptize him. Can Tebow even do that? Then, Tebow and his lawyers made headlines by trying to stop a company called Cubby Tees from producing 'My Jesus' t-shirts, which it refers to as a 'Tim Tebow New York Jets T Shirt.'

Just another week in the life and times of Tebowmania. Stay tuned for more episodes in coming weeks.