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2012 NFL Draft Grades: SB Nation Gives Jets B-Minus

Like clockwork, grades from the 2012 NFL Draft have poured in from all around the internet following this weekend's action. Naturally, SB Nation weighed in as well. The mothership gave the New York Jets a B-minus for their eight-player haul:

They didn't pick bad players, not by any means. I just don't understand a couple of them. I thought Melvin Ingram was a better fit at No. 16 than Quinton Coples, but Coples still has major potential. Stephen Hill was a nice pick as he continued to fall into the 2nd round. I like Antonio Allen with the 7th round pick.

I'm in the middle on this draft -- not great but not bad, either.

Everyone's favorite hair-plugged draft expert weighed in earlier, giving the Jets a C grade. The difference between Mel Kiper's rating and Joel Thorman's seems to hinge on Quinton Coples. Both think that Melvin Ingram was the better pick at No. 16 overall, but disagree on just how detrimental the difference between the two players will be to the Jets.

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