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Tim Tebow Makes List Of NFL Top 100 Players -- Mark Sanchez Does Not

Tim Tebow, the newly-acquired 'backup' quarterback for the New York Jets, has been voted to the 95th spot on the NFL Network list of the top 100 NFL players entering the 2012 season. Starter Mark Sanchez? Umm, no. Not on the list. The list, of course, is compiled through voting by NFL players.

This little bit of information can't do anything other fuel the speculation that Tebow will eventually wrest the starting job away from Sanchez. There is already much conversation about exactly how many games that switch will take, and this won't help.

NFLN described Tebow this way: "His game is marked by long stretches of poor play, but he wins with sudden bursts of brilliance. Few players inspire so much confidence ... and so much doubt."

Lots of interesting, conflicted takes from NFL players on Tebow. Just like what you get from fans, analysts and everybody else you ask about the Jets second-string quarterback.

Who knows what will happen this season? The only thing that is sure with the Jets is that having Tebow around makes things even more interesting.