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Michael Strahan, Wesley Walker Will Be Involved With 2012 NFL Draft

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The 2012 NFL Draft is just a few days away and the league is pulling out all the stops to ensure this is the biggest, best and most-watched draft of all time. The NFL has rented out Radio City Music Hall for the three-day event that begins Thursday and have invited a record number of the nation's top college players to be live and in person when their names are called (presumably in the first round). But the NFL has also reached out to some all-time greats to call those names for certain teams in the later rounds.

In a press release on Monday, it was announced that the New York Giants and New York Jets will be two of the teams who will have their second-round picks announced by iconic former players on Friday.

The Jets will have former two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Wesley Walker announce their second-round selection, while Michael Strahan will call the name of the second-round pick for the Giants. It's a nice nod to history and the fanbases of both teams. Let's just hope Walker doesn't have to announce the Jets will be picking a fullback.

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