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2012 NFL Draft News: Mel Kiper Says New York Jets Have 'As Many Holes As' Any Other Playoff Contender

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper told reporters during a conference call on Wednesday that the New York Jets have as many holes in their lineup as any other playoff contender. (via New York Post)

"If you look through that roster, you see areas that they need help," he said. "They need another defensive end in the mix. You have [Mike] DeVito opposite [Muhammad] Wilkerson. They could upgrade the right defensive tackle spot. They could certainly upgrade the outside linebacker positions. They lack a pass rusher that can close and finish.

"You think about the secondary - LaRon Landry. LaRon Landry has had two straight years with Achilles' injuries and he's only had four career interceptions - not a ballhawk back there.

"You think about the offense, the right tackle position. They also have a situation at wide receiver. You would expect Santonio Holmes to bounce back and play better, but we'll see. Then the running game. I know [Shonn] Greene got better as the year went along, but he's not a great back.

"You have a lot of issues there."

Former Alabama safety Mark Barron is one player mentioned during a lot of 2012 NFL Mock Drafts as a potential Jets target. While discussing several other players the Jets may consider, Kiper said Barron would fit well in New York.

"In terms of where they could go I still think a pass rusher but I don't think necessarily it will fall that way for them," Kiper said. "Do they take a guy like [LSU defensive tackle] Michael Brockers and put him on the opposite side from Wilkerson, their first-round pick last year? Barron would be a great pick. Mark Barron is a heck of a player, but you probably have to move up. I mean, you have Dallas looking at Barron. You have Philadelphia maybe looking at Barron. So, I think they would have to jump up a little bit to get a guy like Barron and bring him into the fold.

"Is Michael Floyd still going to be around? Probably not. To get maybe one of those types of guys they're going to have to move up a little bit. If they stay where they are, then they may end up with a defensive lineman. If they want to take an outside linebacker and project a [Illinois defense end Whitney] Mercilus to that position they could go that route."

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