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Peyton Manning Rumors, Thursday: Peyton's Place In The AFC?

The Inter-Google is aflame with Peyton Manning stories. Peyton, Peyton, Peyton! It’s Peyton-sanity! Let’s look at some of what is floating around on the Manning rumor mill this Thursday afternoon.

- ESPN’s Adam Schefter says little NFL birdies from inside Manning’s camp are telling him that Peyton prefers his place to be in the AFC — although he won’t rule out the NFC. That could increase the New York Jets’ chances of landing Manning, and would also be good news for the New York Giants. The Giants, of course, will have to face Manning twice per season if he ends up with the Washington Redskins.

- Pro Football Talk wonders when — or if — Manning will throw for NFC teams. How well Manning can chuck the pigskin is, of course, the big question after three neck surgeires.

- Shutdown Corner says Manning could solve a lot of problems (cough, cough Tebow-Mania) for John Elway and the Denver Broncos