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Peyton Manning Derby: Odds Are, Jets Will Have Lots Of Competition

If the New York Jets do -- properly -- decide to go 'All In' and join the pursuit of Peyton Manning, they will have plenty of competition. Via The National Football Post, the folks at are giving the Jets an 8.5 percent chance of landing the future Hall of Famer. The favorite? Pregame lists the Arizona Cardinals with as having a 17.5 percent chance.

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Let's look at some of the contenders, using Pregame's odds and my thoughts each potential location.

  1. Arizona Cardinals (17.5 percent) -- Yes, the Cardinals have Larry Fitzgerald. Yes, the weather is nice in Arizona. But, other than that why would Manning go to the desert? The Cardinals would love to upgrade from Kevin Kolb and John Skelton, but I don't see this one.
  2. Miami Dolphins (14.5 percent) -- The Dolphins are starting over with a new head coach (Joe Philbin) and a new offensive coordinator (Mike Sherman). The Dolphins have some weapons on offense and are likely to make a big push for Manning.
  3. Washington Redskins (11.5 percent) -- The Redskins have a big-time head coach in Mike Shanahan, an owner who loves to make a splash in Dan Snyder and are really only a quarterback shy of being a big-time contender in the NFC. New York Giants fans would hate this move, but it seems like a strong possibility.Two Manning vs. Manning showdowns in the NFC East every year? That would be fun.
  4. Jets (8.5 percent) -- New York is foolish if they don't at least try.
  5. Kansas City Chiefs (6.5 percent) -- The folks at SB Nation's Arrowhead Pride have Manning Fever. They might want Manning, and Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel might want Manning. I can't figure out any reasons why Manning would want the Chiefs, however.
  6. Seattle Seahawks (5 percent) -- reports that the Seahawks are ready to write Manning a blank check to play for them. Like Kansas City I can see why Seattle wants Peyton. I can't see why Manning would make Seattle Peyton's Place, however.
  7. Houston Texans (3.5 percent) -- Well, the Texans are really good. And they spent years trying to get past Manning and the Colts. This would require trading incumbent Matt Schaub in a go-for-broke move. They play indoors, though, and the Texans would fill the need to win now requirement Manning will be looking for. Are the Texans bold enough to roll the dice?
  8. San Francisco 49ers (3 percent) -- Yes, the 49ers just went to the NFC Championship Game. Yes, they have said over and over that Alex Smith is their guy. But, c'mon! Why wouldn't San Francisco roll the dice here? They have a great defense, and Manning would make them the immediate NFC Super Bowl favorites.
  9. Denver Broncos (2 percent) -- This would be a dramatic way to put an end to Tebow-mania. Oh, and just a little bit of an upgrade at quarterback for Denver. Do you have the guts, John Elway?
  10. Tennessee Titans (1.5 percent) -- They are on the NFP list, and Manning did play collegiately at Tennessee. This one, though, seems like a really remote possibility.

In the end, I think there are three obvious contenders -- the Jets, Dolphins and Redskins. The Texans, 49ers and Broncos all make sense to me -- I just don't know if any of those three will be willing to roll the dice here.