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Tim Tebow Tweets For First Time Since Joining New York Jets

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Tim Tebow broke his Twitter silence since joining the New York Jets last week, and at the same time graciously helped fill ESPN's SportsCenter news hole for Friday morning. Unsurprisingly, the Jets' brand-new backup quarterback expressed nothing but gratitude to the fans he left behind in Denver and the new fans he has made in New York.

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Tebow also released a longer statement of sorts, thanking the Denver Broncos for their support over his two seasons with the organization.

"Well, that was an interesting couple of weeks! Now that things have finally settled down a bit, I wanted to take a moment to thank all you great Denver fans for all of your support," Tebow tweeted. "The ride that we were able to enjoy together this past season is something that I will always cherish. I'd also like to thank all of my former coaches and teammates as it was an honor to play for and alongside each of you. I will always be grateful to the Broncos organization for giving me to the initial opportunity to fulfill my dream of being an NFL quarterback. GB."

All in all, he demonstrated that he is still every bit the polite, gracious guy he has been built up to be.

In slightly more controversial news, Urban Meyer, Tebow's former head coach at Florida, stuck up for his protege. He told that Tebow can be an effective NFL quarterback, but only if teams embrace his running ability.

"When you started seeing him (Tebow) throw against those easy coverages it was because they had to stop the run."