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Jets Offseason 2012: Darrelle Revis Describes Locker Room As "Disarray Right Now"

A simple game of word association played by New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis on SportsCenter Wednesday morning turned into the latest evidence that problems exist in New York's locker room.

Given the phrase "locker room" during the game, Revis responded, "Disarray right now."

The Jets were admittedly a fractured club by the end of last season, and adding Tim Tebow as a backup quarterback only added to the concerns that New York will have continued locker room problems in the upcoming season.

Revis did not expand on his answer, but earlier described the rift that grew between Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez.

"There were a lot of things going on with guys wanting the ball," Revis said. "When it's like that and you're losing it gets a little bit more frustrating, that's all. People were just trying to find ways to win. Santonio wanted the ball. It wasn't negative, I think he wanted to be the guy who wins games for us. And then it blew up out of proportion and then it was Santonio is not siding with Mark, and it just blew out of proportion. And then (then-offensive coordinator Brian) Schotteheimer was in the mix of it too with the play-calling."

Revis also discussed what type of impact Tebow will have, and was careful not to step on anybody's toes.

"I think (Tebow will) have a big impact on (Sanchez) in terms of just trying to maybe push him a little bit more," Revis said. "Not to say that Mark needs to get pushed, but in a way that you know, Tebow is a winning quarterback. Mark is a winning quarterback too, you got to understand that Mark took us to two AFC championship games.

"I think both of them will just have to feel each other out. We're probably going to try to figure that out during OTAs. And going into training and see how comfortable both of them are going into the season."

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