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Tim Tebow Trade: Joe Namath Disagrees With Acquisition From Football Standpoint

Joe Namath sees why the New York Jets would want to acquire Tim Tebow as a business decision. But the Hall of Famer doesn't believe the Tebow trade will help the Jets on the field, and thinks Mark Sanchez probably does not welcome his high-profile backup.

"[Tebow is] the biggest star, one of them certainly in the game today so I think the Jets have done a terrific thing here in bringing the Jet fans a real star. Now, can the star continue to play football and contribute properly without disrupting what they have there at this time? The Jets need help. they finished 8-8 last year. they're thin with their safeties, linebackers, offensive line. It's really a wait and see how Tim Tebow and the Jets team does. As a quarterback, I would not like this a little bit. I don't know a quarterback, a starter in the NFL that appreciates being taken off the field in clutch situations," Namath said during an interview with the FOX Business Network.

"You see the overview that the personnel in the Jets administration have, they give more thought to the marketing and the other edges of the business than I do. I think more of the football field, the locker room, and what they’re trying to achieve on the field. I just don’t think the team is in a position right now with their players to have a successful season next year," he added.

"I think they need fixes in other areas. Whenever I see the move with Tim Tebow, that’s just telling me they really don’t have all that confidence in Mark Sanchez that they’ve been telling Mark and telling the fans certainly with the new contract and there’s an old saying amongst players in football talking about your general manger and coaches, they speak with a forked tongue."

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