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Tim Tebow Press Conference: Tebow 'Excited' To Be Part Of New York Jets -- VIDEO

Think Tim Tebow is "excited" to be a member of the New York Jets? Tebows word "excited" or some variation 44 times during his 32-minute introductory press conference Monday afternoon.

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Tebow seemed comfortable throughout the press conference, smiling and easily handling a wide range of questions.

Tebow said he was "honored and humbled to be a Jet."

He said he and incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez "have a great relationship" and that "I have a lot of respect for him as a football player, as a person."

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On splitting time with Sanchez: "Everybody that puts on a uniform you want to go out there and play. … "my goal is to go out there and execute as well as I possibly can."

On the fact that the Jets held a press conference for a player who is supposed to be their backup quarterback: "I have bosses, too."

On all of the attention ‘Tebowing’ has gotten: "I’ve been doing that same routine for 7 years. It’s about being who I am."

On reports that some unnamed teammates are skeptical about Tebow’s ability to help the Jets: "It’s my job to come in here and earn guys respect … "Every day in my actions I’m trying to earn a little bit of respect … I just want to make this team a little bit better."

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