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Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow? Joe Montana Chooses Sanchez

Now that the New York Jets have traded for Tim Tebow they have opened themselves to what is sure to be an ongoing debate over whether Tebow or incumbent Mark Sanchez should be playing. They have been adamant that Sanchez will start and that Tebow will play in mostly 'Wildcat' packages.

So, which guy should be leading the Jets in 2012? A quarterback better during his career than Sanchez and Tebow combined was asked about this. Joe Montana chose Sanchez, and he did not hesitate.

"Mark is a better player right now and that’s it," he said in an email to the Daily News. "As long as Mark believes in himself and plays, it’s not an issue. It’s more of an issue for those of you who write, or blog or tweet and all the other methods of delivering content."

Sanchez has thus far been quiet about the Jets' splashy acquisition of Tebow from the Denver Broncos. Pro Football Talk says Sanchez is doing the right thing by staying mum on the subject:

The back pages of the New York tabloids would take Tebowmania to a new level if/when Sanchez says or does anything to show that he doesn't like the move. Headlines like "Go to Hell: Sanchez won't bow to Tebow" would appear on a daily basis if Sanchez starts firing off while Tebow repeatedly turns the other cheek.

And so the smart move for Sanchez is to do exactly what he's saying and doing right now.


Probably right. All Sanchez can do at this point is play. If he continues to regress as a quarterback that will open the door for a full-fledged controversy. If he plays well, it will die down. So, Sanchez' play, not his words, will be the determining factor here.