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Tim Tebow Trade: Rex Ryan On Tebow 'He'll Fit Right In With The Guys We Already Have'

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan talked about where he sees new signing Tim Tebow fitting in with the franchise from LSU's Pro Day on Thursday.

"I look at it this way: We're incredibly fortunate to have a couple of quarterbacks with playoff wins," Ryan told at LSU Pro Day on Thursday. "Obviously, both have been fairly successful. ... I think he's (Sanchez) going to be a tremendous quarterback. He is our quarterback.... What Tim gives us is another great competitor."

"He'll fit right in with the guys we already have," Ryan added. (via NY Daily News)

Ryan is not concerned that Tebow could be a distraction for incumbent starter Mark Sanchez. While Sanchez is still the starter, Ryan said that Tebow will get in the games each week with a package of plays.

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