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Tim Tebow 'Clear' On His Role With New York Jets

The New York Jets were adamant Wednesday night that Tim Tebow will be the backup quarterback to Mark Sanchez. Tebow said during a conference call that he understands his role.

"It is very clear. They want me to come in and compete and get better as a quarterback and help the team any way possible and whatever that role is, whatever that fashion is I will do my best every time I step on that field," Tebow said.

Listen To The Tebow Conference Call | Tabloid Timsanity

Tebow said that despite reports that he had been given a chance to choose between a trade to the Jets or one to the Jacksonville Jaguars that was not the case.

"The Broncos had all that power," Tebow said. "It was an interesting day."

In typical Tebow fashion he said all the right things when asked about going from a starting quarterback for a playoff team to a non-starter for a team that missed the playoffs in 2011.

"I always try to put the team first. However I can help the team that’s whay matters," Tebow said. "My goal is just to find a way to hopefully make the Jets a little bit better and to hopefully be a great teammate."

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