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Tim Tebow Trade: A 'Colossal Embarrassment' For New York Jets?

If the New York Jets attempt to trade for Tim Tebow blows up after it had seemed like a done deal, the Jets organization will be embarrassed and they will be left with a lot of explaining to do -- both to their fan base and to incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez.

There will, however, be plenty of folks relieved that something -- divine intervention, maybe -- ended up stopping the Jets adding to the circus atmosphere that seems to surround them by bringing in Tebow.

Among them will be Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath. The legendary Jet quarterback was vehement in his opposition during an appearance Wednesday on the Michael Kay Show.

"I do not agree with this situation," Namath said. "I can't agree with it. I just think it's a publicity stunt. I really think it's wrong. I can't go for it. ...

"I don't think they know what they're doing over there right now," Namath said. "They give Sanchez a new contract, they pat him on the back and then they bring in two more quarterbacks."

Over at SB Nation's Jets website, Gang Green Nation, there wouldn't be any tears shed if the trade falls through.'s Gregg Rosenthal wrote that the Jets are on the verge of an "embarrassment of colossal proportions."

"The Jets risk an embarrassment of colossal proportions if their attempted trade for Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow falls apart.

"Consider that the Jets' official Twitter feed announced the trade. That tweet has yet to be deleted, which could be viewed as a sign the Jets remain optimistic. (We are not optimistic about the poor guy who operates that feed.)

"If the trade falls through, the Jets will essentially have to admit that they announced a trade before reading Tebow's contract. We know owner Woody Johnson is desperate for headlines, but that would be ridiculous."