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Tebowmania Comes To Broadway! Jets Have Become The 1980s Yankees

Tim Tebow is a New York Jet. What happens next? Nobody knows.

Can Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez share a team? We are about to find out  (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/Getty Images)
Can Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez share a team? We are about to find out (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Tebowmania meets Broadway! And Rex Ryan! The New York Jets have acquired Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos for a fourth-round draft choice. We know that much. As for what happens next, well, that is anybody's guess.

All I know is that 'Timsanity' is going to make Jeremy Lin and 'Linsanity' look like a warmup act. The circus act known as the New York Jets for the past couple of seasons just got even crazier.

The reactions are coming quickly, from all directions and viewpoints. SB Nation's Gang Green Nation wants to know if the Jets have a plan. We know Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie was not in favor of the move.

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I don't know what will happen with Tebow and incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez. I don't know if the divided Jets' locker room will be fractured even further by this move. Nobody knows what will happen -- only that the Gang Green Freak Show just got even more entertaining.

Here is what I think, though. I think that the Jets have become the 1980s New York Yankees -- the pre-George Steibrenner suspension Yankees who collected names and seemed to think that the main objective was to win the back pages of the New York City tabloids. The Jets certainly have mastered that.

Look at what the Jets have done in recent seasons. They brought in LaDainian Tomlinson, Derrick Mason, Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress. How much did any of them actually help? Not a whole lot, but they generated headlines. They chased Peyton Manning, who was too smart to join the circus. So, they took the leftovers, meaning Tebow.

Did the Jets get better today? Probably not. They certainly generated some headlines, sold some merchandise and got a heckuva lot more interesting.

Maybe that is all they really wanted to do, anyway.