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Tim Tebow Trade: Do the New York Jets Have A Plan?

Do the New York Jets have a plan?

It's a question worth asking in the wake of a two-week span that has seen the Jets extend Mark Sanchez's contract and then acquire a backup quarterback who will surely cause the world to call for Sanchez' head the first time he makes a mistake.

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With the Jets apparently uncertain about which direction they want to move, the Jets blog Gang Green Nation reacted to the Tim Tebow trade with a bit of disdain.

Normally I would be more upset about this, but I came to understand and accept a few weeks back that Mike Tannenbaum has become really bad at his job over the past year. This move really does not make a ton of sense on any number of levels, but the most disturbing part of it is how it displays the Jets really do not have any sort of structured plan on building their franchise.

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