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Tim Tebow Rumors: Trade To New York Jets Could Happen By Midday Wednesday

The Tim Tebow updates continue to come in fast and furiously.

According to a report David Pingalore of, either the New York Jets or Jacksonville Jaguars are expected to close a deal for the ex-Heisman Trophy winner by Wednesday afternoon.

Many pundits have laid out the reasons why the Jets want Tebow; he will immediately improve the Wildcat package and the culture inside the locker room being chief among them.

However, Gary Myers of the New York Daily News does a great job as always talking about the Jets and why it would be a very risky play.

This would be a huge move for New York, but it could have major unwanted ramifications if Mark Sanchez struggles early. Fans are already frustrated with the USC product and with Tebow holding the clipboard behind him, the screams will be deafening at times if things aren't going well.

After giving Sanchez an extension just a few weeks ago, the organization would be putting a ton of unneeded pressure on him.

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