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Tim Tebow Rumors: New York Jets And Jacksonville Jaguars Might Be Final Two Suitors

According to multiple reports, including one from Mike Freeman, the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars might very well be the final two teams in the race for Tim Tebow.

Tebow isn't needed in Denver anymore after Peyton Manning was brought in, so now other teams can potentially gain from the Broncos shipping him out of town.

It's been said by many analysts that the Jets want Tebow for two reasons: better the locker room and more importantly bring back a good Wildcat package a la the Brad Smith days.

However, the move could prove to be a headache if New York actually goes through with it. Mark Sanchez was just given an extension, but if he falters early the fans will be screaming for Tebow. It may cause more of a controversy than it's worth and even more division within an already fragile team.

Then again, the Tebow effect has been great everywhere else. Nothing has followed him but wins and a happy fan base.

If the Jets snag him, it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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