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Tim Tebow Poll Results: New York Jets Fans Want Tebow

It seems like New York Jets fans would like deposed Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to come to Gang Green. At least an overwhelming majority of the ones who voted in the SB Nation New York Tebow to the Jets poll do.

We asked the Tebow to the Jets question on Monday after the news broke that the Broncos would be adding Peyton Manning and subtracting Tebow from their roster. Sixty one percent of the 454 respondents (277 people) voted 'yes' to bringing Tebow to the Jets to compete with Mark Sanchez, or at least share time as a 'Wildcat' quarterback. Thirty-eight percent of voters (177 votes) said no thanks to Tebow on the Jets.

Tebow to the Jets seems highly unlikely. Jim Trotter of does not even list the Jets as a potential trade partner for the Broncos.

Still, I find it interesting that Jets fans would want Tebow. Is that a vote of dissatisfaction with Sanchez? A vote of confidence in Tebow's ability? A sign of desperation? You tell me, Jets fans.