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Peyton Manning Rumors: Brian Billick -- Jets 'Make Sense' For Manning

Another day, another ‘expert’ opinion on where Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning could end up when he and the Colts inevitably part ways. Thursday, NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora said Manning to the New York Jets was not “very realistic.” Well, former NFL coach and current FOX analyst Brian Billick thinks the Jets are one of only three teams that make sense for Manning.

Billick writes:

The New York Jets make sense simply because of Rex Ryan’s willingness to do anything to win. Even with the recent hire of Tony Sparano as offensive coordinator and the thought that he would bring a toughness and focus to the run game, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan pulled an entire 180 and rented Manning for three years.

In the city of New York, where the Jets and Giants are always fighting for bragging rights, this would give Ryan the prime opportunity to steal the spotlight from the Giants after their Super Bowl championship and give Jets fans hope for near-term success.

The other teams on Billick’s short list? The Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs.