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Peyton Manning Rumors: Yes, His Decision Matters To New York Teams

Peyton Manning won't be a member of the New York Jets. That, however, does mean Jets -- or New York Giants -- fans should stop caring about what team the future Hall of Fame quarterback decides to play for in 2012.

Most reports seem to indicate that Manning favors either the Denver Broncos or Arizona Cardinals, although to be honest no one probably knows for sure what Manning is thinking right now.

If Manning winds up in Denver, where he would drive a stake through the heart of Tebow-mania, that would seemingly make the Jets path to -- and thru -- the 2012 playoffs more treacherous. The same could be said if he winds up wth the Miami Dolphins or Tennessee Titans, who are also interested.

If he winds up in Arizona, where Kevin Kolb-mania never really got off the ground, that is bad news for the Giants as the Cardinals are in the NFC. Arizona would be a legitimate threat with a real quarterback. Oh, and Manning to the Cardinals is an issue for the Jets, too, since Gang Green has to be play Arizona in 2012.

So, stay tuned New York football fans.