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Peyton Manning To Jets? NFL Network's LaCanfora Says No

If Jason LaCanfora is right, New York Jets fans might want to start warming up to the idea of Mark Sanchez and Chad Henne dueling for the team’s starting quarterback job. That is because the NFL Network’s LaCanfora reported today that Manning to the Jets is not “very realistic at all.”

“Talking to general managers and other people around the league, they don’t think Tom Condon, Peyton’s agent, will ultimately put him with the Jets. You would have the situation with him and (Eli Manning), and there’s already that rivalry there. You have the tabloid culture in New York. You have a team that slipped, the running game wasn’t there. …

“You don’t have a lot of playmakers there right now. The defense slipped. And there will be other options, probably, that make more sense for Peyton Manning. I don’t see it happening.”

Sorry, Jets fans. Looks like another season of hoping Sanchez improves, or simply settling for mediocre quarterback play.