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Jets Offseason 2012: Quarterback Situation Could Look Different By Opening Day, Says Tannebaum

New York Jets general manager Mike Tannebaum would not comment directly on Peyton Manning during a Thursday WFAN interview, but noted that New York's quarterback situation could look different in 2012 than it did during the past season.

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Tannenbaum wouldn't give his take on the quarterbacks, who are currently under contract, but did say the position "has a reasonable chance to look different by opening day."

The Jets GM called Mark Sanchez "far from perfect" in 2012, noting that "he put everything into it, it just didn't work out as well as we had hoped."

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And after Sanchez' disappointing season, which revealed little progress from prior years, the Jets could look to add a veteran quarterback -- if not to replace Sanchez than at least to give him some competition in training camp.

Two prominent names being mentioned as potential Jets targets include Manning and Chad Henne.

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