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2012 NFL Mock Draft [Updated]: Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama To New York Jets

With more than two months to go until the 2012 NFL Draft, looking over NFL Mock Draft selections for the New York Jets has already become routine. The selection seems to almost always come down to Alabama safety Mark Barron, or Crimson Tide outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw.

In its mock recent 2012 NFL Mock Draft, released Monday, SB Nation selected Upshaw for the Jets with the 16th overall selection of the first round.

We have talked about Upshaw to the Jets before, and selecting a pass-rushing outside linebacker is certainly a possibility for Rex Ryan and the Jets.

Here is what SB Nation’s Ryan Van Bibber said in making the selection:

“The Jets probably need help on offense more than anything. They also need someone to put the scare into opposing quarterbacks. Upshaw adds an aggressive presence to their attack as a natural pass rusher.”

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