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New York Jets Free Agency 2012: Plaxico Burress Has Eyes For Philadelphia Eagles

Before wide receiver Plaxico Burress signed with the New York Jets prior to the 2011 season the Philadelphia Eagles were considered among the likely landing spots for the former New York Giants star wide receiver.

Now that Burress has completed a mostly unsatisfying season with the Jets and is looking for a new team the Eagles are again in play, and Burress told a Philadelphia radio station this week that “nothing would make me happier” than playing for the Eagles.

“Obviously coming to Philadelphia, instituting myself into the offense, it just adds a unique dynamic to what’s already in place,” Burress said. “it would be dynamic to get me down there in that offense, especially with Mike [Vick] and all the ability that he has at quarterback.”

Is that a shot at Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, who has been heavily criticized in the wake of the Jets missing the playoffs last season?

Burress caught 45 passes for New York in 2011. He had been out of the league since 2008, when he went to prison after shooting himself in the leg with an illegal handgun in a Manhattan nightclub.