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Peyton Manning Cleared To Resume NFL Career -- But Who Will He Play For?

Now that Peyton Manning has officially been cleared to return to football, let’s crank up the rumor machine to full blast. It seems pretty clear that Manning and the Indianapolis Colts are headed for a divorce. Could Manning land with the New York Jets, turning New York into a two-Manning town?

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The Jets have continued to insist publicly that Mark Sanchez will be their 2012 starting quarterback. Will the chance to woo Manning to the big city, though, make the Jets reconsider? You wonder if the Giants being in the Super Bowl, especially if they win it, will make the Jets more anxious to make a splashy move like bringing in Manning.

According to ESPN
, a trade of Manning by the Colts won’t happen. They will either pick up his $28 million option this March or cut him loose.

If they cut him loose the Jets, Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals could be among the interested teams.