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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Courtney Upshaw Goes To The New York Jets

In the latest SB Nation NFL mock draft, Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw was the selection for the New York Jets with the 16th overall selection. Upshaw was a star on the national champion Crimson Tide, recording eight and a half sacks during the regular season.

This pick would make a lot of sense for multiple reasons.

The first being the most important and obvious: the Jets have no pass-rushers on the roster right now. Aaron Maybin led the team with just six sacks and can hardly be considered a force. Upshaw would be an instant upgrade to the outside linebacker position currently manned by Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace.

The second reason actually has to do with the offense. It's easy to say that unit needs help because, well, it does. However, it's a lot easier to shore up the defense and make that top-tier once again. If the offense can just get a few upgrades here and there it should be able to win games with an excellent defense.

Upshaw brings a relentless and strong game to New York. He learned the 3-4 under Nick Saban at Alabama so his learning curve wouldn't be steep at all. He could step in and immediately contribute on a team that is expected to make a run each and every year under Rex Ryan.

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