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Jets Turmoil: Derrick Mason Questions Mark Sanchez, Supports Rex Ryan

The New York Jets offseason continues to provide worrisome sound bites, and it seems that anyone with ties to the franchise feels the need to chime in.

Former Jets wide receiver Derrick Mason became the latest to discuss New York's troublesome chemistry on Friday during an appearance on "The Colin Cowherd Show" on 1050 ESPN New York, saying he felt that leaders didn't do enough to prevent bad feelings from taking over the locker room.

"The offensive linemen stood up and they spoke to the team, Mark (Sanchez) did it as well, but some of the other guys, the older veterans, they needed to step up and try to right that ship and I don't think it happened on a consistent basis. Sometimes it's hard when you're losing because everybody is trying to figure things out and everybody is pissed."

Mason was pointed about Sanchez's play, saying "guys didn't listen to Mark because his play was up and down" and "judging by the way he has played, the window is closing on him to be a franchise quarterback."

Despite criticizing his former quarterback, the wide receiver supported his former coach Rex Ryan.

"People, deep down, love that because he was able to back it up," he said. "Now if you can't go out there and do all these things that you say, then people get tired of it. Either you start winning games or you shut up, basically that's how it was. But I love Coach Rex, he's a good guy, I think he's a good coach. His thing, I guess, is like what Frank Sinatra(sang): He's going to do it his way. And that's the way he's been doing it. Win or lose, he's going to continue to talk, that's his personality. I just think this year they just didn't back up. Once you start it, you can't stop it."

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