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Who Is The Greatest QB In New York History? The Results Are In

A few weeks ago, SB Nation New York ran a poll asking who the best quarterback in New York history was, and the results have come in. A total of 836 people voted, and three observations have arisen from the poll: Either the majority of voters were young, the majority were New York Giants fans or New Yorkers really like Eli Manning (and why wouldn't they?). Manning won in a landslide, taking 69% of the vote. Surprisingly, Joe Namath was a distant third and just as surprisingly was the fact that Ken O'Brien received fewer votes than Chad Pennington. Here are the final results:


Eli Manning: 69% (578 votes)
Phil Simms: 10% (87 votes)
Joe Namath: 7% (65 votes)
Y.A. Tittle: 6% (52 votes)
Charlie Conerly: 2% (18 votes)
Fran Tarkenton: 1% (13 votes)
Chad Pennington: 1% (11 votes)
Ken O'Brien: 0% (six votes)
Vinny Testaverde: 0% (six votes)