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2012 NFL Mock Draft, New York Jets: SI's Don Banks Picks Safety Mark Barron

The full order of the draft isn't quite set yet due to the fact that the Giants and the Patriots have yet to face off in Super Bowl XLVI, but the Jets have known that they were going to be picking at No. 16 since the end of the regular season. There have been many mock drafts since the end of the regular season, and for the most part, they've all said the Jets would take Alabama safety Mark Barron with the No. 16 overall pick.

Sports Illustrated's latest mock draft, written by Don Banks is no exception.

Being able to match up a big, athletic safety on the league's taller receivers and beast-like tight ends (Rob Gronkowski, we're looking in your direction) is the name of the game on defense these days. The Jets were at an obvious disadvantage on that front last season, but they'd be getting the best available talent upgrade in Barron.

Barron is listed by ESPN as the best safety in this year's draft class and is ranked as the No. 14 overall prospect for the 2012 draft.

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