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2012 NFL Mock Draft, New York Jets: The Mark Barron Lovefest Continues

We have not yet even hit the end of January, the 2012 NFL Draft is three full months away, and following mock draft choices for the New York Jets has already turned into a snooze-fest.

Mark Barron, Mark Barron, Mark Barron, Mark Barron. All you seem to hear is opinions that the Jets should snag the Alabama safety with the 16th pick in the first round this April.

SB Nation is the latest to peg Barron to the Jets in its latest mock draft, released Monday.

Here is SBN’s rationale:

Having the best cornerback in the league doesn’t necessary make a team impervious to the pass. They gave up more than 800 passing yards to Tom Brady this year. A big-hitting, smart safety like Barron could really help the Jets against the Patriots’ tight ends.

We will see how the draft plays out, but right now Barron is a runaway winner when it comes to analysts pegging who the Jets might take.